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Dxclusive is a one-stop agency with 10 years of experience that provide turnkey services in exhibitions, events, retail fit-out and advertising/signages to your potential clients.

If you have potential clients that do a lot of exhibitions, you could earn money with us.

This program is built upon the belief of Dxclusive that there are many possibilities to work together.

We create this program to reward those who have brought leads to us and these leads actually benefit from our services and in return give our agency’s brand more exposure in their community.

Our payout system is not only
based on the number of referrals but also the size of the project!

The bigger the clients project scope, the more bonus you will get!

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Up to RM200 for sharing contact of potential clients only

Up to RM400 for potential clients that lead to a deal closed

Potential annual bonus up to RM5,000 for high achiever

  • Simple and straightforward with no complicated hierarchy system
  • Only a few minutes of research and data collection/filtering
  • No contract
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  • Dedicated team of professionals will help close the deals

Dxclusive is a one-stop agency with 10 years experience, providing turnkey services in

  • Exhibitions
  • Events
  • Retail fit-out
  • Advertising/signages … and more

We have been working closely with top marketing agencies and events involving world famous brands for over a decade.

We handle exhibitions professionally from concept to completion through quality expertise and craftmanship.

As we are strong advocate of quality design and services, hence we will ensure your referral a personalized experience rather than they have to deal with multiple agencies which is time consuming.

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